Story of EquiVisor®

Hello, I am Kim Weeks Bronson, the creator of EquiVisor®.  I used to compete in hunters, jumpers, and eventing.  That meant I was in the saddle six days a week.  I created the visor to solve the chronic sunburn I would go home with every time I went riding.

I’ll admit that part of my creating the visor was good old healthy vanity.  I never wanted to look like I rode horses six days a week.  But I was also super aware of skin cancer.

You see, I was born in Cocoa Beach Florida, and spent much of my youth in that sunshine state.  My Daddy, and Grandaddy, were fruit inspectors for the state, and my husband worked in the film industry.  They all spent massive amounts of time in the sun for their work and personal lives.  With all that sun exposure it's no wonder they fell victim to Squamous cell skin cancer.  Having those cancer spots removed is a painful process.  It can leave you disfigured.  My Daddy had to have part of his ear reconstructed, and my Grandaddy, his entire nose.  

So you can see why skin care has been a special mission for me.  What started as a problem solving project for myself, morphed into the EquiVisor® you see today. Sharing the visor has been a labor of love for me.  I never set out to have a company, or patent a product, but I am so glad I did.  The EquiVisor® has been out there doing its job for quite a few years now, and I still get a thrill every time I see someone using the visor.  It never gets old.  It makes all the hard work worth it.  I hope you enjoy the EquiVisor® as much as I do sharing it with you.

So go on. Get out there. Have your fun in the sun. Just don’t forget your best friend in the battle for sun protection on, and off, your helmet.

EquiVisor® is there for you!